Let's make little games BIG... Together!

We're game makers at heart (Game Dev is still a majority of what we do) and just like you, we're always looking to improve what we got and give it the best chance of success in a crowded market. With years of experience in the casual space, we know what works (HOORAY!) and what doesn't (*sad face*). You've got an AWESOME game and we're SUPER COOL people who know what we're doing... so let's partner!

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The HyperBeard Advantage...

Because we make our own games, we know the costs of game development all too well. And for that reason, we are VERY sensitive in how we ask for additional work from you, the developer. Every change request is assessed on an ROI (return on investment) basis. If we wouldn't make a change ourselves based on the effort and the expected impact on revenue, then we wouldn't ask you to do it. We call this the 'HyperBeard Advantage', making us more of a parter than a publisher. Saving you a lot of time and money and focusing your efforts on what will impact profits the most.

And as a partner, we insist on providing a variety of services, depending on the needs of the game and the opportunities to improve it. Check them out below:

Already interested?! Email us at publishing@hyperbeard.com


Have you heard that "retention is king"? Well... we are experts at designing games for retention; which is in fact, SUPER important on mobile. We'll take a look at your game and identify simple ways to improve the onboarding flow for improvements in early retention and recommend 'retention hooks' for improving mid- to long-term retention.


We understand not every game developer is great with copywriting or storytelling... or even English; after all, it may not be your native language. But just CHILL... we are experts. Don't believe us?! Check our games. We'll provide an overhaul of your copy/storytelling, in English (and Spanish for what it's worth), to make it engaging and to make those BFD (Big F***ing Deal) moments really POP and go viral!!!


For most F2P games, a good soft launch process is key for gathering the analytics that you need to iterate your game properly. We'll work to get pre-launch features and invest in paid UA, where necessary, to drive users to your game and give us the analytics that we need to improve your game and make a big splash at global launch. We have the process down so you don't have to worry about it.


If you're partnering with us on an F2P title then your game is almost certainly going to utilize both in-app purchases and advertising as a monetization model. Most of your revenue (55-75%) will likely come from ads. That's just how it is. We've optimized our ad stack to drive high eCPMs so you don't have to worry about it. And for IAPs, we know how to optimize the in-game store experience and when to ping users about making purchases to drive the highest conversion rates. No worries! We got this.


Have you heard of Apple & Google?! Well, they've heard of us. Via the success of our own games, we've come to be known by the top platforms for publishing really high quality, highly rated, casual games. There's nothing more important for marketing a mobile game. Our games have won Apple & Google awards and are consistently featured for launches and major updates. We also have a strong cross-promo network that drives installs from our other games to yours, especially during launch. And the higher we spike on the charts, the more downloads you get.


We're not only big in LATAM and the USA, but we've broken through in other top geos like the UK, Australia, Korea & China. We're coming for you JAPAN!!! Haha. But seriously, we have a network of awesome localization and publishing partners that we work with to optimize success of our top IPs and IP partners (that's you!) in a global market. And we take care of all the costs. You build the game for the West and we'll worry about the rest. Oh, it even rhymes! And you know what they say, if it rhymes, it must be true.


Have you seen our plushies?!? They're so FREAKING cute! We have t-shirts, stickers and book too. So that's pretty cool. While most IPs never translate to real-world merchandise, we've demonstrated a surprising ability to adapt our IPs to give them the best chance of success in the physical space. And we attribute this to our cute aesthetic, clever writing, character building & brand positioning efforts. It's pretty unlikely that this will happen, but you certainly have a much better chance with us as your partner.

Building Long-Term Partnerships

Every game has the chance to be BIG! But not every game makes a huge splash for one reason or another. Mobile gaming is a crazy market with a lot of relatively random outcomes. We can both do everything right and still not be super successful.

So we like to approach our partnerships in a more holistic manner with a long-term view in mind. For that reason, we collaborate with our developer partners as if they were an extension of our team so we can really see what it's like to work with them on a project. i.e. We create a Slack channel with integrations for Trello & BitBucket so we can share updates, we talk daily about tasks and we provide feedback.

We get to see how you work and you get to see how HyperBeard works which means you get an inside peak at the processes that have made our own games successful! We learn from each other and we get better. And we set our partnership up for not only short-term success, but long-term success as well.

Interested? Email Us!

Step 1. Tell us who you are. Help us understand a little bit more about you, maybe past games you've built or worked on, and your team, and of course, the game you are planning to make. Email us at publishing@hyperbeard.com

Step 2. Send us a prototype. Nothing explains a game better than the game itself. This also gives us a good idea of how you approach game development and whether we're a good fit for each other.

Step 3. Let's talk! Every developer has unique needs and we like to approach each partnership individually. We'll carefully construct a game development & publishing schedule and a business plan that works for both parties.